Contra Loma Fishing Docks Replacement Project

Replace, remove and dispose of two (2) existing floating timber fishing docks and gangways with two (2) new aluminum docks and with gangway access; remove six (6) existing timber piles, install one (1) new access platform with two (2) new steel support piles, and two (2) concrete deadman anchors at North Dock; remove and replace timber steps at the North Dock; remove timber cribbing beneath gangway at South Dock; work includes all incidentals and appurtenant items as shown on the plans and specified herein.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date4/9/21 1:00 pm

Bid Date4/23/21 9:00 am

Company & Contacts


Stacey Hogan-Batalla,  



An optional on-site pre-bid meeting is scheduled for FRIDAY, APRIL 9TH, 2021 @ 1:00 PM. Meet at the South Dock parking lot as shown on the plans, Title Sheet G-001.

Bids shall be uploaded electronically via the “Submit Bid” tab by FRIDAY, APRIL 23RD @ 9:00 AM.